No 13th Floor?

No 13th Floor?, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The Marriott Pinnacle in Vancouver has no 13th floor. But someone must have realized that simply calling the 13th floor the 14th wouldn’t fool anyone, so they did away with the 14th floor as well.

And they skipped the 2nd floor.

I stayed on the 25th floor, but have a hunch that floor labeling shennanigans left me closer to street level than 25 stories. The free cheese on 25 makes up for that.

4 thoughts on “No 13th Floor?”

  1. I agree with Chase. Could be some mechanical rooms. On the other hand, the missing 13th floor is fairly common in Asian hotels and, given the influx of HK Chinese into Vancouver over the past decade, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s perhaps a bit of both: Superstition and logistics.

  2. My old office building in L.A. had 24 floors. One set of elevators served 1-12, the other 14-24.

    I noticed.

  3. Most of the hotels I stay in don’t have 13th floors, including big names like Hiltons, Hyatts, W’s, etc. It’s amazing how prevalent superstition is.

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