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Eden Prairie Community Video from Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker recently added a YouTube video channel where, among other things, they’re creating community videos.

Here is there take on Eden Prairie, where they show some example properties along with local venues like the Conservatory in St. Paul’s Como Park:

I’m not sure why they don’t play up the easy access to big box retailers. EP has everything: WalMart, Target, Home Depot, Costco, Rainbow, and Cub.

7 thoughts on “Eden Prairie Community Video from Coldwell Banker”

  1. What stands out to me more than anything is that at least half the selling points they mentioned aren’t in Eden Prairie. And what difference does it make if the Vikings corporate office is in Eden Prairie? Does anyone that lives there care?

  2. I am left with two questions:

    1) If there are over 50,000 happy people who live in Eden Prairie, couldn’t they have found somebody better to interview than Peter Lytle, Minneapolis Resident? Maybe they’d talk a little more about Eden Prairie….

    2) And it could just be my own personal bias, but does referencing “Leave it to Beaver” really sell houses anymore?

  3. Personally, I’d like to see them play up the Eden Prairie Mall. That’s where Kevin Smith filmed Mallrats.

  4. I moved away from Eden Prairie two years ago after living there for 15 years and the biggest thing that I miss is the water. I could care less about the vikings and the shopping (the only reason I went to the EP Mall was for the movie theater). It was nice having the LRT going through town, but really the water was the best part. It was never too hard or soft and it didn’t have any funny chemical tastes.

    Matt, the EP mall has absolutely zero resemblance to the movie version now. They got rid of the neon palm trees, and the white wired food court chairs. Hell the food court was moved upstairs and to the opposite side. The only really original thing left is the elevator where Brodie got it on, but now it looks different.

  5. If you were from out of town and watched this video hoping to learn something, you would know less than you knew before you watched it. Like St. Paul being south of Minneapolis, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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