Employers of Douchebags

Back in March, I took a look at local douchebag concentrations among local companies. One question that came up was, “What about Target?”

So, I decided to dig deeper to see what’s going on over at Big Red.

To do this, I looked at the first 500 LinkedIn profiles that listed Carlson School of Management among their education background. The most recent employer for each was tallied. Below is a breakdown of those numbers by company based on concentration within this sample of 500 LinkedIn profiles:

Employers of Douchebags

I think what this is saying is that Target has the most LinkedIn using douchebags.

2 thoughts on “Employers of Douchebags”

  1. Last time it was Carlson MBAs at Target. This time it’s Carlson MBAs at Target and on LinkedIn … and I’m the trifecta! That must make me D-bag Central in Ed’s world, a mantle I will wear with all the pride such an honor bestows.

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