List: Top-5 Mac & Cheese Pairings

35 years of research has gone into compiling this list:

1. Hot Dogs (Grilled to a crisp then sliced)
2. Hot Dogs (Microwaved to a crisp then sliced)
3. Hot Dogs (Sliced then throw in with the boiling water)
4. Hot Dogs (Sliced then pan fried)
5. Broccoli

11 thoughts on “List: Top-5 Mac & Cheese Pairings”

  1. It’s time for you to research kielbasa. Unless you are lumping these Polish delights under hot dogs.

    In the absence of kielbasa, I like to toss Penzey’s Bold Taco Seasoning Mix on top.

  2. Im sorry but broccoli?!? This is not some stir fry, this is Mac n Cheese were talking about here. I have to Put bacon in my top five. Im on board with hot dogs, and dont underestimate adding a cheese dog to some already cheesey mac n cheese.

  3. I sure have to agree with 1-4. But I stop at broccoli. I don’t even eat it by it’s self. I remember my uncle liked hot dogs and ketchup with his mac & cheese. Ever gave that a try? Not so bad.

  4. I approve hot dog combinations listed, but I would probably substitute at least one of them with tuna. From the can, oh yeah.

    No mention of the spork here, curiously.

  5. I assume were talking the orange variety?

    Give a little dab of BBQ sauce a shot next time…picked it up from a college roommate, not half bad.

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