Miami New Times’ Drug Pushing Pages

Drug Dealing Ads in the Miami New Times

I was in Ft. Lauderdale for work last week and picked up a copy of the Miami New Times (a Village Voice Media property owned by the same company that owns CityPages) along A1A. One thing that jumped out at me in this publication was the massive number of drug pushing pages.

Could someone explain to me why the Miami New Times has 11 full color pages of pain clinic ads? What are they pushing at places like this?

In Miami, the pain clinic ads dwarf the escort ads. It’s serious business.

As I thought about this more, I’ve come to the realization that alt-weeklies only need to create enough content for plausible deniability. Few people would be willing to pick up a magazine consisting solely of Backpage ads for hookers and drugs. But if you put something resembling actual reporting on the cover – or a restaurant review – you have enough journalism to provide cover for sex & drug addicts only interested in the Backpage ads.

It makes me wonder why CityPages has moved toward prick-tease covers over the illusion of reporting for their cover stories. Why not at least pretend on the cover to be doing valuable stories so dudes leaving bars will look a little less creepy picking up the rag?

Sure, they could actually provide a valuable venue for local coverage of un and underreported stories, but that seems to be less and less the case these days.

2 thoughts on “Miami New Times’ Drug Pushing Pages”

  1. What you most likely have there is a copy of ‘New Times Broward/Palm Beach’, not to be picky.

  2. Miami New Times doesn’t circulate in Fort Lauderdale; you are reading a copy of New Times Broward-Palm Beach. The Miami version lacks the 11 pages of pain clinic ads you are pointing out. If you are going to criticize a VVM paper you should maybe bother reading the masthead.

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