Smartfood FAIL

Smartfood FAIL, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Things got intense earlier today at the C&J bus depot in Newburyport, MA when Carly tried to buy some Smartfood from the vending machine.

The machine pulled a classic twist but not fall move, robbing Carly of her money and snackisfaction.

The bus depot operator stepped up, shaking the machine and throwing more money into it, but also came up empty. It turns out that Smartcorn was available in both A1 and A2 slots. But rather than hook Carly up with some A2 Smartfood, he focused and failed at A1 Smartfood.

Other than the Smartfood incident, today has been a good days.

One thought on “Smartfood FAIL”

  1. Maybe the Depot Operator really needed some “Smart”-food before he would have considered purchasing from the 2nd available slot?

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