Run Minneapolis: Bryn Mawr

Matt and I toured the Bryn Mawr Neighorbhood on Saturday morning:

S Penn Ave at Mt View Ave

We passed Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church on Cedar Lake Rd near the start of our run:

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

Cedar Lake Rd doesn’t exactly reach Cedar Lake these days due to I-394, but there is a pedestrian bridge at that location:

Bryn Mawr to Kenwood Pedestrian Bridge

Rather than cross 394, we stayed along the North of the highway and turned North into Theodore Wirth Park:

Theodore Wirth Parkway

We took the high road through the part past the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. Here’s a view of the pond between the two roads within the park:

Theodore Wirth Park Pond

At Glenwood Ave, we took a right and passed Wirth Beach where Earth Day festivities were taking place:

Wirth Beach

We zig-zagged through the blocks to the East of Wirth Park and found this house hidden in the woods at the end of Washburn Ave:


At Upton we headed South for a few blocks and passed this education complex made up of Anwatin Middle School, Bryn Mawr Elementary School, and Park View Montessori. Two elementary schools right next to each other. What’s up with that?

Anwatin Middle School, Bryn Mawr Elementary School, & Park View Montessori

We went back up Thomas and hit a few blocks on Chestnut Ave W which covers the Southern edge of Bassett’s Creek Park:

Bassett's Creek Park

Bassett’s Creek plays a major role in the terrain in Bryn Mawr. We could definitely feel the hills going away from the creek.

One thought on “Run Minneapolis: Bryn Mawr”

  1. “Two elementary schools right next to each other. What’s up with that?”

    It’s like those Wendy’s/Tim Horton’s and KFC/A&Ws — just a way to serve up choice, and probably from an infrastructure standpoint, it’s more efficient, since the concept of a neighborhood school is passe.

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