Upcoming Minneapolis Arsenic Clean-Up Meeting

Re. Jim Davnie included a note about an upcoming meeting to discuss recent health tests of children near the former pesticide plant along Hiawatha Ave near 28th St E.

Neighborhood Meeting

The Minnesota Department of Health recently conducted a test of arsenic levels following the discovery of some arsenic near the former CMC Heartland Lite Yard in Minneapolis. The tests of 65 children showed levels were below what would be considered a health concern. The department has scheduled a series of informational meetings on the study starting at 6 p.m. Monday, April 27 at the Corcoran Community Center, 3334 20th Ave. So. The affected neighborhoods include parts of Corcoran, Longfellow, Midtown Phillips, Powderhorn, Seward and Ventura Village and all of East Phillips. The following link is to a press release from the department about the tests.


The link is worth checking out for more detail on the test results of the 65 tested children.

I don’t believe I can make it to the meeting that night. If you can, I’d love to hear what you find out.

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