Run Minneapolis: Ventura Village

Park Ave S at E 18th St

Ventura Village is the wedge of a neighborhood just to the South of the 35W / 94 interstate connection from downtown Minneapolis. To the West is 35W and to the East is Hiawatha. The Southern boundary waffles between 22nd and 24th Streets East.

Ventura Village

While the neighborhood shares the name of a former wrestler / governor, that’s coincidental.

I started my run from Park Ave S by heading East on 18th St E which parallels the 35W / 94 interchange:

18th St E at Park Ave S Bridge

18th offers some nice views of the downtown skyline due to the absence of a sound wall.

Minneapolis Skyline from Ventura Village

16th Ave S was my first turn, where I passed this mural that borders the 94 east to Hiawatha South exit:

Mural at 26th Ave S

Looking back on 19th St E, I passed Trinity First Lutheran Church and School:

Trinity First Lutheran Church and School

And the Augustana Lutheran Church:

Augustana Lutheran Church

And a Project for Pride in Living Property where PPL transformed a dump into an affordable livable building:

Project for Pride in Living Property

I ran into this family at Chicago Ave S:

Family at Chicago Ave S & 19th St E

Who stand across from this temporary work agency:

AAA Daily Labor

Further East, I passed the impressively stout St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church:

St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Before reaching 35W where cars were lined up to make a right turn onto entrances to 35W North or 94 East:

Highway Entrance from Ventura Village

Heading South on 5th Ave S, I passed this mosaic at Franklin Ave:

Franklin & 5th Ave S

While heading back East along 22nd St E, I passed this Welcome to Phillips West sign. As I understand it, the area between the interstates, Hiawatha, and Lake St used to all be called Phillips, but it’s not made up of 4 neighborhoods: Ventura Village, Phillips East, Phillips West, and Phillips Central.

Welcome to Phillips West

I looped past the East Phillips Park near the Franklin exit from Hiawatha:

East Phillips Park

Then passed the Holy Rosary Catholic Church:

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Followed by what appears to be a Spanish speaking church I couldn’t find the name of:


Followed by Our Savior’s Lutheran Church at Chicago Ave S:

Our Savior's Lutheran Church

After Chicago is the Phillips Eye Institute

Phillips Eye Institute

At Park Ave S is Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church:

Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church

At 5th Ave S, I heading back North to my car along the 35W sound wall. Here is an example of a classic home that pre-dates the interstate:

Old Home Along 5th Ave S

I imagine the neighborhood was quite different when that house was built.

At the Northern end of 5th Ave S, I discovered this dumping ground for snowplows. It’s currently in a receding glacial state where the trash intermixed with the snow is revealing itself. It makes me wonder how many plows this neighborhood gets to deal with each time it snows:

5th Ave S & I-94

I wrapped up back at my car next to the Inner City Church of Minneapolis:

Inner City Church of Minneapolis

Good times in Ventura Village. It’s an interesting neighborhoods with large populations of Native American to the East and Hispanic residents throughout the rest of the neighborhood. It’s very walkable for people working downtown. But cars play a major negative role on the quality of life with major highways surrounding the area plus major commuter streets of Park, Portland, and Franklin.

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  1. The “Spanish speaking church” is Holy Rosary Catholic Church at 24th St. and 18th Ave South.

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