Dairy Queen Invading Downtown Stillwater

Stillwater’s historic downtown is home to a large variety of locally owned antique stores, restaurants, and bars. That’s a big part of the appeal of making the trip out there from the more urban areas of the Twin Cities.

Which makes me wonder how the heck they approved this new Dairy Queen on Main Street:

Stillwater Dairy Queen

Generally, this sort of thing ends up along Highway 36 next to Buffalo Wild Wings, Herbergers, Target, and other common chains.

Starbucks had a run in downtown Stillwater but eventually pulled out.

Will the DQ make it? Or will people support Leo’s Malt Shop directly across the street?

4 thoughts on “Dairy Queen Invading Downtown Stillwater”

  1. Shucks. I don’t like to hear that. Stillwater is a special case, though. They’ve created a main street full of completely impractical niche stores that the average person can’t even afford ($3,000 cuckoo clock from Germany anyone???) Most people, including myself, visit Stillwater for the experience – the old-time main street and window-shopping on the waterfront experience – not the practicality or convenience. Hopefully most people will realize that DQ doesn’t really enhance that experience.

  2. WTF? That’s going to be such an eyesore. But on the bright side, at least it’s better than McDonald’s.

  3. Yeah get rid of the DQ and put in another store selling saltwater taffy or overpriced junk. Or better yet…how about a place that sells booze…no where near enough of those 😉

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