Run Minneapolis: Shingle Creek

The Other Mike and I headed up to the Shingle Creek neighborhood in the very Northwest corner of the city for a 5+ miler on Sunday.

N Morgan Ave at 51st Ave N

We started at 51st & Morgan Ave N and headed East along 51st past Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church:

Pilgrim Rest Church

Floyd B Olson Middle School (North Minneapolis resident and former governor):

Floyd B Olson Middle School

And Jenny Lind Elementary School (named after the Swedish opera singer):

Jenny Lind Elementary School

When we reached I-94, we turned back on 50th where we passed through the impressive Humboldt Greenway housing development:

Humboldt Greenway

At Humboldt, we noticed the first of many Shingle Creek Welcomes You signs. It’s a much more refreshing sign than the Linden Hills neighborhood watch paranoia.

Shingle Creek Welcomes You

We shifted a block South when we reached Shingle Creek and noticed that the creek flowing steadily and looked very clean outside of a car tire:

Shingle Creek

Along 49th St, there are many industrial companies including this large mill owned by General Mills:

Generall Mills Soo Mills

We hit the city’s border at 49th & Xerxes, took a right, then looped back around at 53rd onto Washburn to 51st and from there back to the car.

49th St at Xerxes

The Shingle Creek is in no way what people typically think of when they think of North Minneapolis based on what people often hear about North Minneapolis on the news. The neighborhood appears to be made up primarily of well maintained small houses. It seems like a great place for people considering first time home purchases to consider with prices around $129,000. If that could be tied the $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit, you should be able to own rather than rent for well under $1,000/month.

2 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Shingle Creek”

  1. Great review. I’m glad you had a good run! Thanks for the good words! I just wanted to point out that you also ran through the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood. Everything east of Humbolt is Lind-Bohanon. We are very close to the Shingle Creek neighborhood, not just in proximity. We celebrate and work together on many issues and events.

    Again, thanks for the good report.

  2. Too bad you missed the ponds with paths around them located just north of 51st (in the empty space on the map). They are home to wildlife and a destination for the Great Blue Herons who nest on an island rookery in the Miss. River near the North Miss. Regional Park—which also has great running/walking paths.

    North Minneapolis has many well-hidden natural treasures.

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