Run Minneapolis: 46th & 45th St E, Longfellow

Edmund Blvd at E 45th St

On Sunday afternoon, I was talked into running Grandma’s Marathon, so on Monday, even though I felt like crap, I figured I needed to at least get out of the house for a bit. That bit may have been the shortest bit of running I’ve done as a workout to date.

Starting from the corner of 45th & Edmund (the residential street that parallels West River Parkway) I headed down to 46th St E and then West from there:

I then passed the ongoing disaster that is the 46th & 46th condo development disaster.

46th & 46th Condos?

It looks like Master Properties has given up on their grand plans after demolishing what was there before and building a foundation to a 4-story condo. However, their website still says that the project will be completed in July 2008.

Further West at Minnehaha Ave, I passed Geller Automotive, who always has a discount for paying cash:

Geller Automotive

And Mini express, who carries a lot of “tobacco glassware”:

Mini Express Market

Followed by the cool building that is home to Minnehaha Coffee:

Minnehaha Coffee

I looped around at Hiawatha and got to see a cop blow a red light on the way to something in a hurry:

Then headed back in the rain along 45th while protecting my camera from the elements. I left the house with the idea of chipping off more East-West streets between the river and Hiawatha but caved when I saw my car. But by leaving the house I still managed to get some fresh air and 0.15% closer to completing my Run Minneapolis project.

3 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: 46th & 45th St E, Longfellow”

  1. Congrats on making the commitment to Grandma’s! Being only nine weeks out from the Minneapolis Marathon, I’m starting to panic and think running a marathon was the stupidest decision I’ve ever made.

    That’s really encouraging, I know. I should be a life coach.

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