Run Minneapolis: 40th & 41st St E: Standish, Bancroft, & Bryant

E 40th St & S 31st Ave

This rainy run started just to the West of the light rail on 40th St E at 31st Ave S. I headed West from there past Roosevelt High School where neighboring residents have added murals to their properties:

Mural Across from Roosevelt HS

Further West, I passed Standish Green Condos at Standish & 40th, which were built on the former site of Standish Elementary. The development is a bit modern for the neighborhood.

Standish Green

At 20th Ave S, I passed Sibley Field where the hockey rinks have thawed but are a little soggy for baseball at this point. There are some cool houses overlooking the park on the West side.

Sibley Field

The Fountain of Life Gospel Church stands out at 10th Ave S:

Fountain of Life Gospel Church

Phelps Field sits between Chicago and Park Aves. This shot is from the SE corner:

Phelps Field

I turned at Park Ave S and headed back on 41st St E where I passed a church in this corner shop at Chicago & 41st called Iglesia Luz de Fe y Esperanza en Cristo Jesus:


The Southwest corner of Bloomington Ave S & 41st has a 1-square block park / flood zone. I don’t know the name for it. This neighborhood has a gentle roll to it, so it makes sense to set aside some land rather than build on the low-points. The parks play a dual role in cases like this:

Flood Zone

The residential garages and businesses on the SE corner of Bloomington & 41st have a history of challenges with graffiti. The murals are a welcome alternative:


16th Ave S is home to Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church?:

Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church

At 28th Ave S, I ran into Roosevelt High School where Jesse Ventura went back in the day. The website’s homepage makes it sound like a trade school.

Roosevelt High School

Across the street from the school is the Roosevelt branch of the Hennepin County Library System. It’s faced the financial chopping block a over recent years and I believe it was closed for a while.

Roosevelt Branch Minneapolis Library

And before finishing my run, I passed yet another Lutheran church. This one, Oromo Lutheran Church, is next door to the library on 28th:

Oromo Lutheran Church

Some rain. Some rolling terrain. Some ankle pain. And 4.39 more miles logged.

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