Idearc Media Screws St. Paul Businesses

Remember when the yellow pages companies were putting out press releases about how hard they’re working on creating opt-out lists so people can easily unsubscribe from phone books they don’t want? Well, it turns out that was a bunch of talk, as Christopher Long (aka Octaneboy) found out yesterday:

Idearc Media Opt-Out Delivery Fail

Idearc Media’s customers paid for an ad in a Verizon Yellow Pages after Christopher told Idearc Media them three times he’s no longer interested in using their business directory.

I think Idearc Media should refund the money local businesses paid to create, distribute, and now through their taxes, recycle the print spam.

For example, Idearc could set up an escrow account with, say, 15% of their gross revenues then return that share to advertisers or pocket the money based on how well they honor their opt-out lists. Delivery to vacant properties and bulk over-delivery to office buildings should also lead to advertiser refunds.

2 thoughts on “Idearc Media Screws St. Paul Businesses”

  1. They robocalled me two nights ago with a survey to see if I had gotten my books.

    The entire shrinkwrapped bundle for the whole apartment building is still sitting on the steps, waiting for the landlord to recycle them.

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