Restaurant Web Design Done Right

A Minnesota based web development firm has come up with the best solution to restaurant web design that I’ve seen to date.

Backing up for a second, what’s are the biggest problems with restaurant websites?

– Flash introductions
– No menu
– Can’t find the hours
– Can’t find location information
– Poor usability because it’s entirely in Flash
– Sound!
– Can’t find the site in Google
– Not enough pictures
– Site is never updated (probably because it wasn’t built using an easy to use CMS)

While there are many ways to build a good restaurant website, they hardly ever seem to end up in the hands of restaurateurs. Instead, they’re sold Flash intensive sites that don’t answer the very basic questions people have about their businesses. While the sites may look good, they don’t put people in seats.

What Five Technology has done is create a platform called Taste Trend that makes it easy for restaurants to create – and more importantly, maintain – a site they can be proud of and prospective diners find useful.

This should be on the short list of web platforms for restaurants considering a website refresh.

By the way, this is not a paid review. I know one of Five Technology’s founders but have written this out of frustration with the vast majority of restaurant websites I visit. If they used Five Technology’s solution, they could make my life slightly better.

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