Giving a Crap on the Fly

Giving a crap doesn’t take much time. Small efforts really do add up. For example, Johnny Northside called in some deadbeat landlords from his cell while out for a caffeine pickup:

Of course, making 311 calls wasn’t the PURPOSE of my walk. In fact, I was just going to the grocery store. But I don’t JUST walk to the grocery store or JUST drive to my friend’s house. If I’m out and about for any significant period of time, a trail of official paperwork is sure to follow.

Why did the slumlord get a letter from the city? Why did graffiti get abated by a work crew? Why did a group of ten minors out after curfew get a visit from a squad car? Because John Hoff said to himself, “Huh, I really need to go buy a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper.”

Calling 311 to report graffiti or Xcel Energy (800-895-4999) to request shoes be removed from powerlines is a very simple process. If you happen to have a smartphone, the Minneapolis graffiti reporting form can also be a useful site to bookmark.

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