Twitter Powered Ads: Invented In Minnesota

Three months ago to the day, I posted here about a new ad format on The Deets called Real-Time Ads where businesses can update their ads at any time from their cell phone or computer by simply sending in a message to Twitter.

Since then, I can tell you that this stuff works. In fact, the top real-time ads on this site receive more clicks per month than all of the graphic banner ads combined. Yes, that is correct. Why is this? Because the real-time ads have valuable content included within them.

If you can communicate in real-time with your target audience, why wouldn’t you do that rather than serve up a logo for your business? Tell people it’s happy hour. Tell them about your open house. Tell them about a sale. Make them an offer they can’t refuse during the next snowmageddon.

Like I was saying, here were are three months later and the concept is starting to spread. The popular web 2.0 tech blog, Mashable, came out with their own version of this today called Twitter Brand Sponsors. has a way to syndicate tweets and other RSS formatted content into banners.

If you own a cell phone or computer and have one dollar, you can try this for yourself (first month is $1 then $100/month after that). By the way, traffic from Minnesotans to The Deets has increased 25% over the past 3 months. You can lock in at the current rate if you’d like or wait until I get around to increasing prices if you’d prefer.

One thought on “Twitter Powered Ads: Invented In Minnesota”

  1. Hello, Ed!
    Kept monitoring this for a while – you sure had a first as far as I know.
    The crystal ball says Twitter will offer this soon themselves, as did Facebook in a different way. Omniture already launches the analytics for it, so it is probably considered mature enough.

    Well done, I will come back to check for more 🙂

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