Metromix’s Role as a Host for Spammers

It looks like the standards are painfully low for Metromix account registration. For example, a comment spammer hitting this site is trying to drive traffic to a profile page on the Chicago Metromix site:

Metromix Viagra Spam

This Metromix user happens to go by the name, “The Lowest Prices on Viagra.”

Metromix Viagra Spam

This account was set up in February, so it’s been live for at least 4 days.

It’s just one example of a larger problem Metromix has with pharmaceutical spam:

Metromix Pharaceutical Spam

Metromix describes itself as “a national network of local entertainment websites that target 21 to 34 year-olds and provides information on where to go and what to do.” That doesn’t sound like a Viagra crowd to me.

Perhaps Metromix should consider a few changes, such as:

1. Moderating accounts that use common spam terms for usernames.
2. nofollow outbound links.
3. Human-review new accounts. Take a quick peek to get a feel for how people are abusing your system.

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