Looks at the Yellow Pages Problem

Molly Priesmeyer put together a great article for about the yellow pages spam problem from an environmental perspective. We can save forest, unclog landfills, and cut back on the carbon it takes to make and deliver unwanted phone books by simply not delivering them to people who no longer want them.

Green Star: Meet Ed Kohler, phone book vigilante

He’s written 39 blog posts about the evils of phone books. He’s tossed a giant book onto a putting green. He’s part of a Facebook group of phone book haters. And he wants Minnesota lawmakers to do something about an environmental problem he says is piling up on the doorsteps of Minnesotans everywhere. Minneapolis tech junkie, web consultant, blogger, and Juicy Lucy fanatic Ed Kohler is fighting waste and greenwashing, one giant phone book at a time.

Oh yeah. The article also features me.

2 thoughts on “ Looks at the Yellow Pages Problem”

  1. Wow— some serious pub for both you and your noble cause. Well done, sir! Ed Kohler, the Juicy Lucy AND Anti-Phone Book spam guy. How versatile!

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