Run Minneapolis: 26th Ave N

Theodore Wirth Sledding Hill at 26th

I decided to take my Run Minneapolis project to North Minneapolis on Saturday with The Other Mike. We ventured to the Western end of 26th Ave N where it meets Theodore Wirth Parkway where kids push their dads down sledding hills.

From there, we headed East on 26th past Amazing Oriental Supermarket (live bait).

Amazing Oriental Supermarket

We crossed W Broadway:

26th Ave N & W Broadway

Then passed under some shoefiti:


And more shoefiti:


As some of you have probably heard, shoefiti is often correlated with areas where drugs are sold. While Mike and I didn’t see any open air drug dealing during our run, this particular area of Minneapolis does have its share of problems. Johnny Northside can fill you in on the deets.

The next step on this run was an ugly one for me. My left foot landed in a pothole and rolled over while making popping sounds like it cracking a colorful carrot. My ankle was suddenly severely sprained or broken at the corner of 26th & Bryant.

Mike worked his way back to the car while I sat in the street icing my quickly swelling ankle. Quite a few people slowed down to ask me if I was okay. No one tried to sell me drugs while I lay beneath shoes hanging from the powerlines, and no one asked to buy drugs from me. One guy walking by who looked and dressed like Omar from The Wire (but without a sawed-off) asked me if I was aight. I told him I sprained my ankle to which he responded, “You gotta walk that off.” Dude, I would if I could.

Once Mike got me home, Carly shuttled me to the Fairview urgent care clinic in Highland Park where I was the third ankle issue in a row the doctor got to see. Here’s a self-portrait I took from my wheelchair:

Checking in at Urgent Care

The doctor told me that my ankle looked the worst. He’s what she saw:

Ankle Damage

It’s hosed.

Here is what I accomplished before taking myself out:

26th Ave N Run

14 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: 26th Ave N”

  1. Yikes! You definitely could NOT have walked that one off! Take care of that foot!

  2. I just made an audible “Aagh!” noise when I saw that ankle photo. Next time you find yourself across the hall from my office, I hope it’s under much less painful circumstances!

  3. Clearly all shoefiti are marking potholes in which you are not to step in while running. And all along you thought it was marking places where one can purchase drugs.

    Sorry man. Did it turn out to be broken or sprained?

  4. I gotta tell you, I’d have felt better leaving you in a snowbank in a northern woods than leaving you laying in a street in North Minneapolis. And I’ve done some crutches on ice, just enough to know it sucks, so I hope the healing is happening fast for you.

  5. I bike commute through North Minneapolis all the time and, under adverse conditions like last week’s snow, have run into the same combination of concern and shake it off, man.

    Your project to travel all the city’s streets would gain an enlightening new dimension if it became wheel-chairing or crutching Minneapolis.

  6. I feel your pain. Done it twice to each ankle. Brutal. When you heal up, we have to hit up NE on the run MPLS segement. I got al little worried when I saw Dinkytown but thankfully you stopped short of Hennepin.

  7. Oy, sorry about your ankle!!!

    You went right by my house though – interesting, wish I had known, I would have brought you some lemonade… or maybe a crutch if I had one. 🙂

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