Seward Coop’s Colorful Carrots

Seward Coop's Colorful Carrots

In a Monsanto-based food economy, finding carrots that actually taste like carrots (or even look like carrots rather than flavorless baby carrots) is becoming more difficult.

Luckily, Seward Coop offers delicious alternatives for people who think natural foods look and taste better than corporate imitations.

11 thoughts on “Seward Coop’s Colorful Carrots”

  1. Ooh! I saw these the other day when at Seward Co-op. Almost had them in hand but remembered I had other carrots in my fridge…next time…next time.

  2. Am I a bit ‘twisted’ if I say I’m waiting for the photo of the colorful ankle?

    Where’s the Freets? This is just getting started. 😉

  3. @The Other Mike – I actually didn’t get your reference until I saw the Flickr photo of the ankle. And now there is a post on the event. I guess Ed should really be on the lookout for “dips” when running.

    That’s all I have right now, coming up dry. Sorry.

  4. I grew the purple variety in my garden last year and was super sad when I peeled it… it turns out that only the very outer skin is actually purple, the rest is regular old orange. It was a sad, sad day in the Deitch house.

  5. Ed, I wonder whether you might apply the sort of analysis you did on the Village Voice gaming of Digg to Pajamas Media. They’re suddenly showing half a million a day.

  6. Sorry Freets, guess I was hopped up for more, but I sprang that on you, didn’t mean to cause a strain.

    Apologies, but I had to get that out of my system, I broke.

  7. Thanks, Ed. Some of those guys are my friends, but I think Roger may be getting a little desperate.

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