I See The Future of Online Advertising at Dapper.net

Dapper.net has rolled out what I believe will be the start of a huge new trend in online advertising: Dynamically created ads based on RSS feeds (aka A Dapper Campaign).

I believe this to be true because I’ve been experimenting in this space over the past few months on my personal blog. Over there, I’ve created an ad format where people can update their ads in real-time via Twitter or by writing a new blog post. Anything RSS based works.

Dapper takes this one step further by making the display ad richer. For example, one can build an ad with real-time pricing for hotel room nights with pictures. Or tickets to shows. Whatever kind of inventory you may have that’s in a structured format can be served up as an ad.

This is a giant leap forward from today’s static banner ads because the ads are less about logos and more about offers. The ads become content. The mileage will vary depending on the richness of that content, but there is at least an offer to interact with rather than just a logo, smiling lady, or slogan.

Once in place, an advertiser can simply go about their daily routine. As they adjust prices on their site, or inventory changes, their ads will immediately reflect those changes.

Awesome stuff. Congratulations to Dapper for breaking new ground in this space.

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