CityPages Crawls Even Deeper Into Bed with Advertisers on

As I mentioned on Tuesday, CityPages Sales Operations Manager, (EmilyN), Emily Neumann actually copy/paste plagiarized one of the paragraphs of her fake review directly from JD Hoyt’s website.

Since then, in a hysterically offensive twist, it appears that Emily or someone else at CityPages / Village Voice Media decided to clean up that mess. How did they clean it up? By removing Emily’s writing and leaving the plagiarized content from JD Hoyt’s:

JD Hoyt's Review

I’m impressed by CityPages’ “We simply do not care about our readers” attitude they’ve illustrated through this action. I couldn’t have predicted this in a million years.

Is this situation unique to EmilyN, or has CityPages now adopted a strategy of “just use the advertiser’s description” review strategy?

It certainly scales better. You wouldn’t have to actually visit any of the restaurants. Just find their website, copy, paste, and you’re set. You don’t even have to have an opinion.

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  1. Now that is priceless. I wonder where she went to college, because I will make sure it is crossed off the list of potentials for my kids. She is not alone though. I have seen a number of these “social network” sites do the same thing. This is just way funnier, because she sunk herself deeper into it by removing everything but what she should have.

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