Run Minneapolis: Minnehaha and Morris Park

The very Southeast Corner of Minneapolis was the venue for my latest run (Friday night) with a dip into the Minnehaha and Morris Park neighborhoods.

For those not familiar with how Minneapolis’ neighborhoods are named, here’s a breakdown: The first tier generally describes the direction that quadrant of the city is from downtown: North, South, Southeast, and Northeast. The next level is the Community level. This includes stuff like Longfellow, Nokomis, Camden, Central, Phillips, and Powderhorn. Within each community is a group of neighborhoods. In this case, I was running in the Minnehaha and Morris Park neighborhoods within Nokomis. Wikipedia has a pretty good breakdown.

I parked near 54th & Hiawatha then ran down Minnehaha to the SE corner of the city where I came to this intersection of Minnehaha, Hiawatha, and the LRT bridge heading south to Ft. Snelling:

Hiawatha Ave S & Minnehaha Ave S

On the way back up Minnehaha, I followed the LRT line past the VA Medical Center:

VA Medical Center

And watched a train go by:

LRT Passing By

After running around the VA Medical Center (160 Acres?) I noticed this house for sale on the West side:

I couldn’t find a price for this property, but a look at the neighborhood range on shows properties from $119,900 to $296,700 with the majority of those properties being units in the relatively new condo development at 4750 53rd St E, Olin Crossings. This seems like a nice building from the outside. It’s across from Minnehaha Park and on the LRT a couple blocks from the closest station. Pretty sweet.

Down the block is the Snelling Motel, which finds itself in a bit more residential neighborhood than this area was pre-LRT.

Snelling Motel

The motel has a good review on TripAdvisor as a cheap place (in a safe neighborhood) to stay before catching a flight out of MSP.

This is about as close to the airport as you can live without being inundated with airport noise. Planes don’t take off or land over the North side of the airport, so while this neighborhood is right next to MSP, it doesn’t face the audible challenges of neighborhoods further West.

VA Medical Center Loop

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