Run Minneapolis: Fulton and Linden Hills on France & Ewing Aves S

Run Minneapolis:

54th St West & France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Southwest Minneapolis was the start of today’s run where I took on the border of Minneapolis with Edina and St. Louis Park. Starting from 54th St W and France Ave S, I worked my way North.

I passed the Arthur Murray Dance Studio where I learned how to dance well enough to consummate my marriage (great instructor):

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

This is part of the 50th and France shopping district, which is also home to RF Moeller Jewelers, Salut, Edina Grill, Lunds, Edina Cinema, a Birkenstock store, Tejas, and much more.

The Minneapolis side of the street has the odd numbers, but gets as close as they can to 50th with this manufactured address:

4999 France

The next shopping district is at 44th & France, where a new Chatterbox can be found:

Chatterbox at 44th & France

Great news for smokers who aren’t quite ready to quit:

Cigarettes are Back

Then it’s a bit of a haul up to Excelsior Blvd to Al’s in St. Louis Park:

France & Excelsior Blvd

Al’s was hopping during the Minneapolis-but-not-Minnesota phase of the smoking ban, being on the St. Louis Park side of the border. There’s a rumor on Yelp that Al’s may sell out to make room for more condos.

Clint C. has an awesome quote about the stiffness of Al’s drinks over on Yelp:

My basic deduction is that the bartenders here hate livers. They must. There is no other explanation. I’ve had to hide my gasp for air more than once after taking that first sip so I don’t look like a douche.

Thanks for not being a douche, Clint C.

After tapping out on France, I passed the Minikahda Club for a second time (where they’ve had a recent history of draining their pool’s water into Lake Calhoun and having a member go on a late-night shooting rampage) then headed South on Ewing. This started by noticing the fear in the Linden Hills neighborhood signs:

Linden Hills Sign

Geez, Linden Hills. Sounds like the team that came up with this design watches too many episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. A crime watch logo right on the sign? Wow. “We have a streetcar and peak through our shades!” Maybe they’re just trying to keep Minikahda’s members out of their neighborhood?

Near 46th & Ewing, I spotted a dragon on a chimney, so grabbed this shot for Ben from

Dragon on Chimney 46th & Ewing

Entering Fulton was more welcoming than Linden Hills, with this cute sign where they play up their proximity to Lake Harriet. They added a separate crime watch sign in case Edina (every day I need attention) residents try crossing the border.

Fulton Neighborhood

Unlike Prospect Park, residents of this part of Minneapolis don’t have political signs in their yards 3 months after the election ended. I imagine this is because they’re Democrats who work with Republicans.

Looking North on Ewing Ave S after reaching 54th St W:

Ewing Ave S at 54th St W

Houses along Ewing seem to be typically be priced in the mid $300,000’s but can range as high as $750,000 on the market today. 50th & France has condos up to $1.2 million on the market. Other stretches of France have duplexes and ramblers. There’s one funky house at 3711 Colgate Ave (short cross street) going for $205,000 that may be worth checking out for someone who really wants to get into Linden Hills for cheap.

The route:

France & Ewing in South Minneapolis

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