The Craftsman for Pre-V-Day

Carly and I hit The Craftsman last night for an excellent dinner only blocks from our house on East Lake St.

We started with the charcuterie plate. Starting on the right going clockwise that’s rabbit, pig, pig, pig, duck liver.

Meat Platter

Carly went with the butternut squash pasta (delicious):

Veggie Pasta

I rocked the rack of lamb (perfectly prepared and the kale was excellent too):

Rack of Lamb

And the Boca Negra was incredible:

Boca Negra

They have Rush River BubbleJack on tap, so I tapped that. Overall, it was an excellent meal, as usual. It was also great to see that the place was packed. I’ve wondered at times whether this was a bit too high end for the neighborhood. It’s certainly not cheap but it’s not overpriced for the quality of food (much is locally sourced, grass fed, etc.). I hope this is a sign of a flight to quality at times when money is tighter. Go out less, but go to better places when you do go out.

More info from/at Urban Spoon:
Craftsman on Urbanspoon

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  1. Great looking meal. I had the pleasure of attending a cooking demo by the head chef at Craftsman and am looking forward to eating a meal at the restaurant. Glad to get such a great recommendation.

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