Run Minneapolis: Prospect Park

I stayed close to home for a quick run on Thursday through the Southern parts of Prospect Park, Minneapolis. I started at the Minneapolis / St Paul border with Desnoyer Park at East River Road and Emerald.

River Road East & SE Emerald St

This area has a rep for gay cruising along the trails in the woods down in the Mississippi River gorge. At 24 degrees (F) and windy, it’s not peak cruising season.

I worked my way through the roads along East River Rd past the Shriners Hospital, then crossed I-94 on Franklin to climb further from the river. Up there, I stumbled across a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house known as the Malcolm Willey House on Bedford St (the sign out front reminds people that this is a private residence). If you ask me, it should be called the Nancy Willey House since Malcolm’s wife Nancy is the one who manages to talk Wright into designing the place.

Frank Lloyd Wright Designed House in Prospect Park, Minneapolis

I imagine this house had one heck of a view of the Mississippi River when built. Now, it’s the last home before I-94, gets to see this out front:

View from the Frank Lloyd Wright House

On Warwick St, I passed one of my favorite local restaurants, Signature Cafe. In their radio ads, they mention that they’re tucked away in Prospect Park, and they’re not joking. This place is mid-block on Warwick St in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood. Once you know it’s there it’s east to find. Just go South half a block from Franklin on Warwick and you’re there.

Signature Cafe in Prospect Park, Minneapolis, MN

I tried to imagine what this neighborhood was like before I-94 cut through it. The homes are amazing and it’s managed to hold onto much of its charm, but even with the sound wall there is a constant hum of traffic.

Run Minneapolis - Prospect Park

Regardless, it remains one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, and the residents seem to agree due to the stability and price of homes. Only 4 homes are currently in the MLS over the area I ran. The three single-family homes run between $399,900 – $599,000 and a town home is on the market for $324,900.

3 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Prospect Park”

  1. Good friend of mine used to live a couple doors down from the Frank Lloyd Wright home (he previously lived a block from it too). Always wanted to see inside — there was apparently an opening about a year ago or so but I didn’t hear about it until after the fact.

  2. That’s a beautiful neighborhood. I rented a room in a home across the street from Luxton Park on Williams Ave for a year. I loved running up and down ERR – and not just for the gay cruising, either. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. I’ll bet it was even better before I-94, too. All in the name of progress, though, right??? …that’s debatable….

  3. Man, do I love that neighborhood. I used to live about 1/2 a block from the signature. My husband and I had a teeny tiny apartment there for 2 years and would have loved to have bought there… turns out there aren’t as you noticed any houses for 150,000 like we found in NE.

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