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Sex Industry Co-Ops

A group in Vancouver, BC is soliciting government funding to start a co-op for sex workers. The idea is to start a brothel where sex workers would receive training in non-sex related work when they’re not busy turning tricks:

Federal government refuses to fund sex worker co-op | Straight.com

Susan Davis, cofounder of the West Coast Cooperative of Sex Industry Professionals, explained that her group wasn’t seeking funding from the Co-operatives Secretariat to start a brothel. The group submitted a proposal to Ottawa in June 2008

With a proposed budget of $194,247, the co-op intended to start enterprises like catering, publishing, consulting, and arts production as early as the first quarter of 2009. One co-op objective is to provide workers with skills that they can use if they choose to leave the sex trade.

I could see where the government may shy away from something like this, but the idea actually sounds pretty good. Get close to people who are trying to get out of the industry in order to help them.

Minneapolis is ahead of the curve on the sex co-op scene. Midwest XXX, at 207 Washington Ave North, is an employee owned adult video and toy co-op.

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