Welcome New Advertiser: Red Moon Chinese Cafe, Eden Prairie, MN

Thanks to Red Moon Chinese Cafe for becoming an advertiser on The Deets.

What’s cool about this is that Red Moon did this without my knowledge. They simply set up a placement targeted ad within Google AdWords that causes their ads to display to visitors to The Deets who fit their target market (presumably people in the Southwest Suburbs of the Twin Cities).

If you have a Google AdWords account, you can do this too. At the campaign level, click:

– New Ad Group
– Start with Placements
– Name Your Ad Group (blog placements may be appropriate)
– Select List URLs
– Type thedeets.com into the text box
– Continue
– Set Pricing. I recommend ~$0.50 per click. Your ads have to compete against other ads on the page, so may not display at lower prices. In most cases, you’ll end up paying much less than $0.50 per click. That’s the max you’ll pay and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
– You’re done.

Google will automatically serve ads on TheDeets.com when people visit this site from your target geography. For example, Joel out in PEI could bid on ad space on TheDeets.com to display ads for his business when people visit this site from PEI – and only to those visitors to the site. Then when someone on PEI happens to search Google for something like a McLobster sandwich and end up on The Deets, there will be Joel’s ad speaking to his local audience.

Joel won’t be overwhelmed with the volume of traffic a blog in Minnesota sends to his website in Charlottetown, PEI, but those who do visit should be a good target.

The ads can be text, images, or videos in a wide variety of sizes.

5 thoughts on “Welcome New Advertiser: Red Moon Chinese Cafe, Eden Prairie, MN”

  1. I am hear because we are both on a blogroll on Johnny Northside’s blog. That’s cool, don’t you think?

    I haven’t been reading your posts much, but took a look recently. WOW…you’re HOT! I’m having a tough time perusing your blog tonight, but will try again in the morning. I’m better in the morning. Best wishes!

  2. Ryan, good point. I edited it out of Jeanie’s comment.

    For those of you who don’t know what Ryan and I are talking about, please don’t include a signature in your comment (example, your name and website’s URL). If people find your comment interesting, they can always click on your name to visit your website.

    Also, you gain no link equity (search engine benefits) by doing that on most blog platforms because the links are nofollowed by default.

  3. Ed, thanks for blogging about my dad’s restaurant. I’ve been experimenting with Google AdWords for about a month. I highly reccommend it to anyone who wants to experiment with a new form of advertising. Our Web site is new, too, so I can’t tell how well it’s working precisely, but I think it hasn’t hurt.

    I added The Deets as a “placement” because I’ve read about the blog on Secrets of the City, MinnPost or perhaps maybe DeBlog. I got the sense your star was rising, Ed.

    I’m a Michigan journalist — and helping my dad is something I do on the side. Thanks again! And may I suggest eating at Red Moon? The food is the best classic Chinese-American food in the Midwest. I say that with a son’s pride *as well as* a journalist’s knack for good observation.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your bike ride/tour Ed ….Sorry you had to finish off our chat so abruptly but I guess, ‘when you have got to go…you have got to go’…. i some-how feel this has happened on a previous occasion….. 🙂

    My last two comments, that you will not have received, were…..

    Time for my bike tour. Good chatting with you.

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    …..and larger advertisers will have their OWN (individual-ised analytics to ‘place their bets’ in a more measurable manner.) The market WILL determine prices…from/by the same “hands” that write out the “checks” or, receive them accordingly…

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    OK…enjoy it! CU another time…Oh….and it’s…Looksmart….


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