Yellow Pages Spam Strikes State College, PA

Luke in State College, PA sent in this example of phone book spam in his condo development:

State College, PA Phone Book Spam

Do college towns and printed phone book advertising mix in 2009?

Do students, after growing up in an online world, suddenly find printed business directories valuable?

4 thoughts on “Yellow Pages Spam Strikes State College, PA”

  1. That mailbox indicates a building about the same size as mine. Last fall they dumped off a shrinkwrapped bundle of 20 books and weeks passed before anyone opened it and took one.

    It was the only phone book that was taken.

  2. Given that my wifi card detects 5 wireless networks right now, I doubt that those phonebooks will get any use.

    When I’m not online, I use a free 411-type information service from my cell phone, which is very handy (I have the # stored in my phone): 1-800-373-3411. It’s just like dialing 411 except it’s free and you listen to a short (maybe 15 seconds?) advertisement before you get the info.

  3. Luke, Google has a free 411 service as well. Currently, with no ads. And it will SMS a business’ location to your phone if you’d like.

    John, thanks for pointing out that article. Sometimes it pays to be excessive.

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