Can You Trust Craigslist Beggars?

Have free online classifieds sites made begging easier? I have no idea if it works, but here’s someone who’s giving it a try (the highlighting is mine):

Family of six in dire need of financial help! soon... - minneapolis / st paul misc. services -

The reason for the highlighting is what I found related to this over on Craiglist:



Family In Need of House ASAP


Urgent Please Help for Christmas.

What the heck is going on here? How can someone’s family size fluctuate so much in a month?

Why doesn’t Tami know how to spell her own name?

If you’re in a position to donate, stick to reputable charities over this strange case.

4 thoughts on “Can You Trust Craigslist Beggars?”

  1. In the first ad she’s hoping to tug at some Christmas time heart strings, but those pleas went unanswered, so she needed a new approach after the 1st of the year. But she’s not bright enough to not feel stuck with her same phone number (same one used in all 4 ads), so she alters her name and family size slightly to try to prevent someone from recognizing her from the Christmas time scam. She’s obviously an idiot.

    The length of her story progresses from Christmas to the 14th of January, and then on the 19th it looks like she just figured it would be smarter to leave out so many details. Perhaps she received emails from the quick minds who caught on and compared the details and called her on it, or flagged the listings.

    People will do anything to collect money from strangers. *cough*

  2. Not are they doing it on Craigslist but they do it on the freecycle yahoo groups…Drives me nuts, they need to get a JOB!!

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