Idea: Public Service Banner Advertising

Here’s an idea for online branding through banner ads.

Pretty much everyone using social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace is sick of ads for dating services, credit score analysis, and weight loss services. Those industries seems to be the only three that do anything with the vast supplies of remnant impressions available on sites these days.

So, here’s the opportunity: Spend $1 million to buy up billions of ad impressions. I’m sure you could find impressions for less than $1 CPM, and probably under $0.50 CPM, so you may be able to get 2 billion+ ad impressions for $1 million.

Then, run ads that say, “You’re seeing this instead of yet another dating ad thanks to ___ (insert brand here) ___.

That’s the type of ad people will notice and talk about. It makes the world a slightly better place by breaking up the monotony of social network advertising, pokes fun at it, and associates your brand with both.

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