San Mei Rejuvenation’s Days are Numbered

I blogged about previous about San Mei Rejuvenation Center in Uptown when the owner was running for US congress in the 3rd district.

Steev RamsDell
Steev RamsDell

Sadly, San Mei will soon be closing its doors. According to the San Mei website, in what appears to be some kind of a press release, the blame falls on the city of Minneapolis:

“Well, they say that you can’t fight City Hall.”
San Mei owner, Steev RamsDell lamented, “Because some self-serving bureaucrats forget that they are supposed to be public servants. They are supposed to see the big picture and work for the public good. Putting honest, hard-working people out of a job, especially now, is a cruel and dumb thing to do. I wonder if this is truly what the Mayor wants for his city?”

RamsDell says that at least until January 31st, San Mei Rejuvenation Centers in Uptown is still the best place to get the highest quality therapeutic massage in a warm, fun and friendly environment. “We are “The Safe Place” because we do not offer any kind of sexual activity. But that doesn’t mean we have to be clinically cold and sterile. If you prefer lots of TLC and VIP treatment from beautiful and talented therapists who will positively impact your mind, body and spirit, then come see us before it’s too late!”

A classified advertiser on CityPage’s Backpages is equally miffed:

SAN MEI CLOSING UPTOWN?! Say it ain’t so! After almost 3 years of wonderful service to the community, the City of Minneapolis Zoning Grinches pick now to put good people out of work?!

But don’t fret. Rejuvenation can still be found. RamsDell runs an Eden Prairie location called Planet Shikoku that he runs out of a strip mall behind a PDQ gas station at the corner of Valley View & Mitchell Rd.

9 thoughts on “San Mei Rejuvenation’s Days are Numbered”

  1. Yikes. I “interviewed” with them once and they deemed themselves “the Hooters of the massage industry.” I did not take the job.

  2. Last summer I was biking past this little gem of a message place and a woman got out of a car without any pants on. She was just wearing a leather jacket that barely covered the goods. I could see her butt showing out of the bottom. She proceeded to go into San mei.
    Make your own judgments.

  3. San Mei is full of lies. I used to work there thinking it was the ‘safe place’. I found out some girls were giving ‘happy endings’ and I immediately quit without telling the ‘boss’. They don’t adverstise what they do. There were many incidents where I have been uncomfortable. I told Steev about it and what did he do? NOTHING!

    Don’t go get your massages there, or if you’re looking for work, don’t go there. The girls there are scandalous. That place is under investigation now. It was on the news.

  4. Think about it. The place is in Mpls because they don’t require any strict licensing from the state to open a “massage parlor”. If it was in St. Paul, they’d have to go through a more intense licensing process. I know some of the girls and that place is SCANDULOUS. Rejuvination center? right. for what? The mind? I don’t think so.

  5. I agree with all of the comments. It’s hard to believe that the owner wasn’t aware of what was going on especially since they were attempting to convey the opposite message. The police aren’t stupid, they are quite savvy. I saw on another blog that they placed a poem advertisement that included the word penis and some other choice words. Some people are just blind about what they do. You’re just asking for it when you do things like that.

    I was reading about the other business. Awkward stuff and dumb business decisions like running for congress using the same website that you ran a girl “escort type” service and spa from. They have been writing about him over on Gavin Sullivan’s Blogs.

  6. blame blame blame, this is almost humorous

    Blame tourist “Owner Steev RamsDell blamed the failure on the high percentage of tourists who shop at the Mall of America.”

    Blame City hall “Well, they say that you can’t fight City Hall.”

    Blame the bureacrats San Mei owner, Steev RamsDell lamented, “Because some self-serving bureaucrats forget that they are supposed to be public servants.”

    Blame the mayor “I wonder if this is truly what the Mayor wants for his city?”

    Blame the competition “Ramsdell alleged that business rivals were behind the raid.
    There are facts that support the possibility that this was, at least in part, a matter of competition,” Ramsdell said, declining to go on record with the names of his rivals.

    “I don’t want to get this person mad,” he said. “They’ve got more power than I do.”

    Blame the 15 women who worked for him “Ramsdell blames the 15 women who worked for him, saying they may have been turning tricks on the side.”

    I doubt local police will do anything anyway. They probably just wnat to run him out of town. He’ll probably set up somewhere else. Unless he blames the business model again. “He said he’s giving up on a business model that offers a sexy atmosphere.”

    P.S. it wasn’t your rivals, it’s you

  7. Steev never told or asked anyone to do anything illegal, actually the opposite. The blogs placed here saying otherwise are just from ugly girls who didn’t make any money and are jealous. I worked there as the 2nd longest employee and can tell you that everything from the Vichy shower to the thai massage was legit. Keep Hating mpls, that’s what you do best anyway…………..

  8. this man is sooooo sick. He will continue state to state scamming whoever he can for every dime he can. SICKO

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