Neg Norton Fights Against Consumer Rights

Yellow Pages Association President, Neg Northon, penned a letter to the editor of the Albany (NY) Times Union explaining that’s it’s a bad idea to provide reasonable regulation of the yellow pages industry:

Albany should reject proposal

The Albany Common Council is expected to vote today on a draft ordinance that adds phone books to the city’s illegal handbill ordinance — essentially placing this trusted source of local information on the same level as bumper stickers and posters on abandoned buildings.

This “trusted source” may be trusted, but that doesn’t necessarily make it valuable. Encyclopedias are also trusted sources of information, but you don’t see many encyclopedias in people’s home these days.

A vote in favor of this measure could directly impact the ability of local businesses and consumers to connect.

True. It would effect the ability of local businesses to communicate with people who don’t want to be communicated with through this one specific marketing channel. Local businesses gain nothing by paying for the distribution of yellow pages print spam to people who no longer want it.

We are committed to being responsible members of the community. We continue to improve our delivery methods and make it easy for consumers to opt-out of the directory.

If your self-regulation statement walked the walk rather than just talked the talk, you wouldn’t find yourself in situations like this, Mr. Norton.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s Albany office reported a surge in filings in 2008. We encourage the council to protect small businesses by rejecting measures that do not encourage connecting buyers with sellers.

Neg, your printed spam didn’t save those businesses. See the problem with that argument?

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