CenterPoint Energy’s HeatShare Donation Fail

All the Ambivalent Muse wants to do is donate a few bucks to CenterPoint Energy’s HeatShare program to help out some people who are having a hard time with their bills. Sounds like a great idea and shouldn’t be too hard since CenterPoint include a donation form with her bill. Well . . .:

A Pox on Center Point Energy

Sadly, I have not had good success with this. All too often, whoever processes the payments applies my donation to my gas bill instead. It’s extremely frustrating. Why on earth would I be paying ahead to on my gas bill, and gee, look, there’s another check in the same envelope made out to Center Point Energy, so why in the world would I send two checks for one gas bill?

Apparently, the website isn’t exactly usable for willing donors either.

One thought on “CenterPoint Energy’s HeatShare Donation Fail”

  1. Thanks for bringing attention to my frustrations with Center Point Energy!

    I just want to mention that I definitely don’t want to discourage anyone from donating to Heat Share. This problem is not their fault–Heat Share is actually a program of the Salvation Army. It’s just that donations are requested through some of the utilities, which (should) make it convenient to donate.

    Xcel Energy also has a Heat Share donation program once a year with my electric bill, and I’ve never had problems with funds being misapplied through them. So my solution to the problem is to only donate through Xcel now, and not Center Point. Donations can also be made directly to the Salvation Army, of course.

    But it sure shouldn’t be this difficult to donate through Center Point, should it?

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