Sambusas at 1st Cup Cafe

This is my new favorite munchie in Longfellow. Sambusas at 1st Cup Cafe:

Sambusa at 1st Cup Cafe

It’s a pastry . . . with meat! Love it. Kind of a Somali version of an empanada.

They come in two kinds: Meat & Fish.

1st Cup Cafe is located at 2740 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, which puts it between Cub & Target in the mixed retail/housing development in the north end of that lot.

They also make a great chai, have Orange Crush (harder to find with Clicquot gone), free WiFi, a meeting room for community events, and a large projection TV.

I imagine this is Longfellow’s largest East African hangout coffee shop. The menu and clientele reflect that. For me, it’s a new experience I’m really digging.

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5 thoughts on “Sambusas at 1st Cup Cafe”

  1. these are called samosas in uganda. i really like em, though they’re common enough here that you can OD. good to know we can find them when we get back to mpls.

  2. Maybe the dough with meat thing is common in eastern countries, because I was just in Thailand and Cambodia, where I had to be careful (as a veggie) to ask if any bread I wanted had meat in it. At least half the bakery products were either dusted with shredded pork or had a juicy helping of meat in the middle.

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