Making the Most out of Google Preferred Sites

Google is in the process of rolling out a new feature called “Preferred Sites” that lets web users customize their search results by proactively telling Google that they consider certain websites valuable.

Assuming this takes off – or even if it’s a marginal success – it seems pretty clear that website owners will benefit from getting their website visitors to add their website as a preferred website. Backing up from there, the first step is to create quality content that someone would consider worthy of inclusion among their preferred site listings.

Proactively soliciting preferred site inclusion may lead to more appearance of your site on Google search results where you have relevant content. For example, if you’ve added to your list of preferred sites, then run a search on a topic that I’ve previously blogged about, you may have a better chance of finding my take on the topic.

Click “preference”s near the search box on a Google search results page (while logged into your Google account) to see if the feature has been turned on for you.

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