Pizza Shops: Get Into Your Customer's Phones

The Yellow Pages industry made a point a of reminding people that the yellow pages are an ideal place to look up pizza places during January. This happens to be a busy month for delivery due to sporting events and the weather.

While the yellow pages are certainly a good advertising venue for pizza shops, here’s a tactic that may have even higher returns: Get into your customer’s phones. How? By publishing vcards on your website. Make it easy for people to download your business’ contact information with one click. Then, the next time they’re hungry for pizza they’ll already have your digits – and possibly only your digits – so you’ll gain more recurring business for no additional cost.

If you have to occasionally put people on hold, consider putting a “don’t forget to add our number to your phone’s address book” reminder to the hold message. Add the message to your receipt.

Anything that gets your into your regular customer’s phone is going to help cost effectively generate more business down the line.

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