2009’s British Invasion of MSP

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment has landed. They’re in town from the UK to participate in the St Paul Chamber Orchestra’s International Chamber Orchestra Festival.

The OAE’s project manager, Ceri Jones, is blogging about her experiences traveling to St Paul (how ya like the weather, Ceri?), and has had some fun nuggets to share, such as enjoying Northwest Airlines, getting from the airport to her hotel without ever going outside, the full workout facilities at her hotel, and free cookies:

Journey to the twin cities

Anyway, it was now early afternoon, (early evening in London) and time for a nap maybe? Only I was a bit too awake for that so went for a swim in the hotel pool and had a bit of a wander and got a bit excited about the free chocolate cookies in the hotel foyer (in Europe it’s usually fruit on offer. Need I say more…..)

Ceri, if you’re craving some healthy fruit to go with your cookies, take a bus up to the Mississippi Market. Or, for a truly American experience, go to Cub Foods instead, and hit Wal-Mart while you’re in the neighborhood.

Here’s a promo for the OAE’s Night Shift performances in the UK – a series of late night concerts targeting a younger crowd:

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  1. Hey Ceri

    If you can stand the cold, do take that bus up Selby and stop in at Mississppi Market Co-op. It’s as an American experience as you can get–although we do base our business model on the Rochdale Pioneers Cooperative Principles. And, if you don’t feel like fruit, we have cookies and the best chocolates in town.

    Gail G

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