Both West River Road Trails Will Use Asphalt!

This just in from Ann Bernstein on the Longfellow Community Council’s River Gorge Committee mailing list:

It’s my pleasure to share some news that I know will make many runners happy: Nick Eoloff, the project manager for the West River Parkway Trail renovation project, has informed me that the Park & Rec Board has agreed to install asphalt pavement for the walking trail along the Parkway instead of the planned concrete. While concrete is more durable, runners were adamant that concrete is too hard for a running surface, and that they might be inclined to run on the bike trail instead. The bike trail will remain asphalt, as originally planned.

Nick says that this change is in direct response to the overwhelming public comments against the concrete walkways.

Congratulations to those of you who raised your concerns, and a big thanks to Nick and the planning team for listening.

That’s excellent news, and a huge win for everyone who uses the trails along the Mississippi river.

Thanks, Nick, for taking the time to listen to and address the concerns of many of Minneapolis’ most passionate trail enthusiasts.

7 thoughts on “Both West River Road Trails Will Use Asphalt!”

  1. Fantastic! Thanks for providing a forum for this Ed. I will say here that Nick contacted me and asked me to call him. He was very inquisitive and open to all sorts of ideas. I appreciate his attention to user comments and I’m very pleased to hear that he and the Park Board listened to our user feedback. Thanks Nick!

  2. Excellent, the feedback system works! Now, if concrete is so good, why is the bike path asphalt?

    Nah, I don’t care, I just messing with them. 😉

  3. GREAT NEWS! now should we bombard them with messages saying that if the asphalt pedestrian path meanders too much, runners (including myself) will still use the straighter bike path instead?

  4. I think hearing from some insiders that the concrete paths were a “done deal” and the decision to install them preempted public opinion, was the most frustrating part. I am relieved to know that public input was carefully weighed and considered by the planners, and that they sided in the interest of multiple user needs and safety. They are to be commended!

  5. I wrote a long email to these guys back in January about the atrocities of using concrete. I am certainly happy that they changed their minds back to asphalt, however I see no point in widening the path and cover up the dirt areas that so many of us runners have worn in over the years. Bikes and bladers have more than enough trails throughout MPLS and every burb. Where are the running trails? If I want an extensive “natural” surface to run on I find myself driving 30 minutes to a park preserve. I think that for as great of a running community as we have here we could utilize all those free cedar chips that are everywhere for the taking into making a soft surface path for runners and walkers. Our joints need it!

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