Google Reader for Beginners

Google has a great video on how to get started with Google Reader.

I realize many of you already use this program or related programs, but many of you do not. If you’re someone who enjoys reading blogs, I think you’ll find that Google Reader makes it much easier to keep up to date with what’s being written.

Basically, you set up a free account at then type in the addresses of your favorite blogs. Once that’s done (couple minutes), add Google Reader to your favorites/bookmarks. Now, when you want to see what’s new in the world, just go to that bookmark. Google Reader will automatically collect all of the new posts from your favorite blogs into your GR account.

It will also recommend other blogs you may not already know about and make it easy to share blog posts with friends.

If you already have a Google Reader account, you can click here to add The Deets.

3 thoughts on “Google Reader for Beginners”

  1. I live and die by Google Reader. Well, not the die part. I have found many great new blogs and other news feeds via the recommend area. How do you think I found The Deets? I unfortunately don’t think this video will help out my friends and family. They just aren’t into the blog world as much as I am and don’t care. Booo.

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