Things Kids Don’t Know: Packaging

I was thinking the other day about what sort of things kids born now won’t understand unless we take the time to explain them to them.

1. Coffee used to be sold by the pound in 1 pound bags.

2. Milk used to be sold by the gallon in 1 gallon bottles.

3. It used to be nearly impossible to eat an entire bag of Oreos.

4. McDonald’s used to use styrofoam containers for their sandwiches, including the McDLT (where the hot stays hot and the cold stays cold).

5. There was a time when neither “fun size” or “family size” existed.

6. Rachael Ray didn’t used to be on every other box in the grocery store.

7. Food was labeled “Atkins Friendly” to tell people they could eat whatever they wanted as long as it was low-carb.

8. Kiwis were exotic.

9. Crushing a can on your forehead used to hurt.

10. White Castle fries used to only come in one size.

One thought on “Things Kids Don’t Know: Packaging”

  1. There’s so many places you could go with this list; cell phones, video games, the fact that kids used to actually play outside, the fact that our kids are turning into wimps (there wasn’t the constant threat of a lawsuit every time our feelings were hurt as kids, let alone when we got banged up), how computers used to have a little separate room at the end of the hall in grade school, etc…

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