Saturday Was Fry-Day

My friend Kyle was off fries for all of 2008, so come 2009 he decided he needed to do something significant to celebrate that milestone. (It should be noted that Kyle did lick a fry at Matt’s one night, and still ate tots.)

This led to Fry-Day, which was originally scheduled for a Friday but later moved to a Saturday, causing somewhat intentional confusion when people would say, “Fry-Day is on Saturday.”

What was Fry-Day? A bike tour to some of the Twin Cities’ finest French Fries. Participants were Kyle, Brian Shekleton, and myself. Others participated in parts of the tour, although only the three of us biked and hit all the stops. (Click here for Brian’s report.)

Where we went:

Stop 1: Longfellow Grill for Sweet Potato Fries:

Sweet Potato Fries

I also got some regular fries with my turkey burger (delicious as usual).

Turkey Burger with Fries

Then we hit the bikes:

Biking on Hamline

And headed to The Nook in St Paul for hand-cut fries with Jucy Lucy’s.

Paul Molitor with Onions + Fries

I had the Paul Molitor, which is the Lucy with pepper jack:

Inside Paul Molitor

From there, we went to the Bulldog in Lowertown where I sampled their Hoppy Flight:

Hoppy Flight

Followed by Cajun Fries paired with tots:

Bulldog Fries & Tots

The sun set as we were leaving the Bulldog, and our bike seats were glazed over from freezing rain. Here are Brian and Kyle waiting for a light at Como & Dale:

Brian & Kyle

We ended up at Maxwell’s for their delicious waffle fries. While crossing the Mississippi, snapped this self-portrait:

Ed Iced Up

That was when my camera battery died from the cold.

Picking a winner at among the four stops and five styles of fries is not easy since the styles vary widely, hunger waxed and waned, and beer pairings may have altered my sensitive palate. With that in mind, I’m going with Maxwell’s waffle fries as my favorite simply because they tasted great at a time where I wouldn’t have expected any fries to be appetizing.

This appears to be the start of a new tradition.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Was Fry-Day”

  1. You do realize, I hope, that #5 is perhaps the rudest goatse image to ever appear in a Twin Cities based blog.

    Uh, I don’t suppose you have that sandwich’s phone number….?

  2. You three truly are gods amongst men. Next year I swear I will ride. Shek had a great idea with the ski goggles.

  3. I feel this must be said: The fries at BD Lowertown are crap! They have that horrible Sysco coating on them and they are nothing like the fries at their other locations. And OHHH-YEAHHHH! you people are on the Kool-Aid if you think the tots are anything special – they’re a small step above what Ore-Ida can do in the oven at home… in fact, 1. the entire menu at their Lowertown location is completely different from the NE location (not in a good way) 2. BD Lowertown in general ain’t that great 3. NE has its many moments in the trough and I wonder if it will climb out … I could go on but I may take Ed’s “start your own blog in ’09” post to heart and rant about it and many other stupid things there.

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  5. Dude, picture #5 is the grossest picture I’ve ever seen. Gabe and I recoiled in disgust the instant we saw it.

    You have to take it down, man. It’s so gnarly.

  6. What an awesome idea! My favorite fries in the Twin Cities (that I’ve tried so far…) are probably the Nook’s. MMMmm… but I also like both The Herkimer’s regular fries and their skinny sweet potato fries.

    Ok, now I’m hungry. Awesome adventure!

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