Share What You Learn Throughout 2009

Why the heck do you read this stuff?

Seriously, don’t you have anything better to do?

My assumption is that, at times, you do not. Or, more likely, you need a break from something you’d rather not be doing so you check to see if there is something new on The Deets that will give you a break from what you’re not prepared to give your full attention to. Or, you’re related to me and check in to figure out where I may be at the time based on photos of toilet paper.

Regardless of why you read this crap, I appreciate that you do. But here’s the deal: I like reading stuff too. And I know many of you are very interesting people with a lot of passion about a wide variety of subjects. However, I don’t hear nearly enough from you about the things that you’re passionate about.

What I’m asking for, in 2009, is more from you. It could be in the comments here, but better yet, it would be in the form of your own blog or some other form of creative content.

The thing that would excite me the most is seeing more of you become subject experts. What the heck do I mean by that? I mean, take a topic that you’re passionate about and write about it, take pictures of it, sing about it, dance about it, draw it, doodle it, cook it, drive it, eat it, or sleep with it.

The best stuff I consume comes from people who have decided to own a subject. They do what they can to know as much about the subject as they can, share what they learn along the way, and help others who are following in their footsteps. This may be something you love, something you find humorous, a pet peeve, or who knows? Try running with a topic that you find interesting. Explain why you find it interesting (or don’t) and share what you learn and you go deeper and deeper into that subject.

I ask this of you for selfish reasons: I want to consume more content in 2009 from people who are talking about stuff they really care about. The subject matters less than the adventure. But, I hope that you understand that while it will benefit me, the real benefit will be for yourself. No matter what you decide to publish content about, you will find an audience – actually, the audience will find you – and that will be your biggest reward.

While there has never been a time in the history of the world where people have had more choices about what to read, look at, or watch, there are still limitless opportunities for helping people understand a topic that you’ve decided to become an expert at. Seriously. Look at the competition: Why on Earth would someone waste 5 minutes of their life reading the latest column from someone like Katherine Kersten where, just based on the title, it’s glaringly clear what her boilerplate right-wing talking points are going to be.

But where can you go today to read about topics worth discussing, like:

– Where can you find the best breakfast burrito in the Twin Cities?
– Are Zubaz making a comeback?
– Who makes the best Booya?
– Where are the best sledding hills?
– Which movie theaters are best for people who enjoy watching movies without talking, cell phones going off, or crying babies?

In all cases, the ongoing question to answer is, “Why?”

Those topics could be 5 sites or regularly occurring topics on sites. I’d follow all of them. Someone, please, take on this important work in 2009. Pick a topic that you’re passionate about and share what you learn with the world.

How to get started? The easiest way is to go to and follow the directions on the homepage.

7 thoughts on “Share What You Learn Throughout 2009”

  1. Been blogging for over two years now. I’m passionate about a lot of things and share my interests on my blog. While it looks as though I leap from topic to topic, if you follow long enough, you’ll see a pattern. Today’s post was about entropy and extropy.

    I had my first blog, Filter & Splice, on blogger, but switched to WordPress (and started The Woo Woo Teacup Journal) in order to get reader statistics. Both applications are good, but if they were combined, they’d be awesome. Look around at the features of both before deciding which to use.

  2. I like this idea Ed. I now have three blogs. You know about St. Paul re but I also have a blog where I photograph and categorize Minnesota wildflowers. I started it last summer, don’t care if anyone reads it but just have to do it. Google found it and now people who are trying to identify plants land on it. The blog combines 3 things I am passionate about. Wildflowers, photography and building pretty web sites. I hope it will become a helpful resource for people who want to identify flowers and to help photographers and nature lovers find them.

  3. Hmm, I’ve long pondered starting a real blog, but I’ve deduced that I have one problem–I lack any expertise; in fact, my lone expertise is in generalism. I’ve always relished in being okay at everything-not good, being smart-not intelligent, being interested-not involved, et al.

    Plus, while I could dig into a subject where I have some knowledge, I’m at the point in my life where my life needs more meaning. I yearn for big and smart, and in a global sense…it is no longer enough for me to keep my own sidewalk clean, I want to know why every sidewalk isn’t and I want people to step up. Think metaphorically, eh? 😉

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