Why Not Use RSS Instead?

The new Twitter related service,, got some buzz yesterday for the overly viral nature of their setup process where people who’ve yet to actually use the service spam out a Tweet to their followers telling them how great the service is.

The service sends any @replies you receive on Twitter to you via email. Twitter, by default, only offers to do this for direct tweets, to this add-on service does have some value.

However, I imagine that a huge percentage of Twitter users are also RSS reader users. This being the case, why not just get your @replies delivered to Google Reader or the RSS reader of your choice? Why in the world would you want to clog up your inbox with more messages?

To do this, go to and search for your username. This will give you a list of all tweets where you’ve been mentioned, including tweets you’ve sent. If you’d like to filter yourself out, add “-from:edkohler” to the query (that is, if your username is edkohler).

Then grab the feed along the upper right hand part of the page.

Problem solved. Inbox is still clean. No need for

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