Weathering Talk About the Weather

John Moe moved to St. Paul 10 months ago, and is catching onto the fact that talking about the weather never grows old for Minnesotans. In fact, John talks about people talking about the weather for the first three of 26 points he makes about adjusting to his new environment:

1. Weather is a huge topic of conversation.
2. People will talk about the weather wherever you go. Especially about extreme cold. The novelty has not worn off for them even if they’re 90 and have never left Minnesota. Weather = fascinating!
3. The fact that people constantly talk about the weather means they constantly talk. It’s a social place.

And check out point #10:

10. Humans are adaptable, it turns out. We had a few days there of minus 11 degrees or worse. We went out in it anyway, kids went to school, life continued. Then it heated up to 4 degrees and I couldn’t believe how warm it was. Humans are adaptable.

Did John just talk about the weather? And what about this:

17. I have developed a snow shoveling technique that works for me.
18. I have bought sidewalk salt.
19. I used to go entire winters without wearing a hat or gloves. Now, I have many pairs of gloves and many hats. I have a hat that makes me look like a ninja.

It sounds like Mr. Moe is becoming Minnesotan faster than he may realize.

2 thoughts on “Weathering Talk About the Weather”

  1. Our weather is certainly more interesting than Seattle’s. “It’s cloudy and raining today. It’s cloudy and misting now. Now it’s just cloudy.”

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