TP: Hotel Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, CA

This just in from Peter’s iPhone.

You’d think a place like Beverly Hills would have this TP thing down. Clearly, they put a lot of thought into their wallpaper and TP dispenser choices. So it comes as a surprise to see one marginally folder and one unfolded roll in such an upscale establishment.

3 thoughts on “TP: Hotel Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, CA”

  1. To be fair, this was in the public restroom in the restaurant, not a hotel room. I haven’t achieved to the level of actually staying at the Bel-Air Hotel yet! 😉

  2. You’ve been concentrating on the folds in toilet paper as a sign of quality at hotels, Ed, but there’s something else that will also reveal the true quality of a hotel – the grout lines in the bathrooms. Some truly lousy grout jobs out there.

  3. Mary, I’m only an expert at things than people have never considered worthy of study before. Someone with more grout analysis skills will have to take that on.

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