WhereTheLocalsEat.com’s Twincy Recommendations

One of the biggest problems I see with nationally run restaurant recommendations websites is, while they have a ton of listings, their recommendations tend to suck when you actually try to get local. I don’t care how many listings or traffic you have. All I’m looking for are good restaurant recommendations that will lead to an enjoyable meal.

Which is why I’m impressed with WhereTheLocalsEat.com. The results for the Twin Cities (or, Twincy as the kids these days refer to the area) are very good. Here’s a sample from their top-100 in locally, filtered for “Best Of” restaurants so only the best restaurant by category is shown:

WhereTheLocalsEat Minneapolis-St Paul

The site isn’t perfect. For example, it lists some restaurants that have gone under, such as Babalu.

But it’s good enough to use as a starting point for new places to try. And since it is a national site, it may be worth trying when traveling so you don’t end up at TGI Friday’s.

6 thoughts on “WhereTheLocalsEat.com’s Twincy Recommendations”

  1. I just started trying a new Twin Cities restuarant every Friday with a few friends; this will be really helpful for building our “to do list.”

  2. I see it’s powered by OpenTable, which I think is another great dining resource. WLE is a great site though, thanks!

  3. Uh, nevermind. I mixed up OpenTable with Urbanspoon. OpenTable is great and all, but Urbanspoon was what I was thinking of. Oh well.

  4. True Thai not listed? Thanks for linking to this site, I’ve already emailed them a WTF?

  5. foodbuzz.com is starting to get a respectable amount of restaurant reviews. The nice thing about them is most of ’em are done by either amateur or professional foodies, so they are knowledgeable and articulate about food

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