Mining Marginal Real Estate Listings for Great Deals

I’ve written before about what real estate agents should do if they’re interested in helping their clients sell their homes quickly for the highest price possible. Lots of high quality property photos do the trick. It’s not the only trick, but it helps prospective buyers decide whether a house is worth visiting, thus worth buying.

But what if, as a buyer, you want to get the best deal you can get on a property in your town? In that case, taking the exact opposite approach to searching may help you discover some hidden deals.

Think about it: Property listings with no photos get less traffic, thus less showings, thus less competition. Because of this, they end up staying on the market longer and end up selling for less than they otherwise would. All because the listing agent was too lazy to snap some pictures and load them to the web.

It makes me wonder how much energy lazy agents will put into other aspects of the real estate transaction from marketing through negotiating a deal. If they can’t find the time to take photos, can they find time to negotiate a competitive closing price on their client’s behalf?

So there’s the opportunity: Dig through the dregs of home listings to find anonymous homes that will sell for less than they otherwise would. Sure, it’s a major pain that you shouldn’t have to go through, but the savings may make it worth the extra effort.

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