Happier Than a Pig in Shit?

Wouldn’t it be sweet to be not just figuratively but literally happier than a pig in shit? Well, it turns out that, thanks to George W Bush, it looks like we’ll soon have that opportunity:

Bush’s Final F.U. : Rolling Stone

Circumventing the Clean Water Act, the administration has approved last-minute regulations that will allow animal waste from factory farms to seep, unmonitored, into America’s waterways. The regulation leaves it up to the farms themselves to decide whether their pollution is dangerous enough to require them to apply for a permit. “It’s the fox guarding the henhouse — all too literally,” says Pope.

I thought America was pretty well beyond water borne illnesses caused by pollution from things like livestock. Why are we creating third world problems? Don’t we have enough first-world problems to deal with these days?

5 thoughts on “Happier Than a Pig in Shit?”

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  2. I think this is exactly the opposite of regulation. But it worked so well with the mortgage industry and hedge funds why not do it with pig farms?

  3. I have no intention of laying down and letting them screw me again.

    Pork…off my diet. Big oil…time for me to invest in bike commuting gear. Big energy…I have special plans for you my dear, and ‘clean coal’ only works if coal is involved in my energy plan. Big anything is off my list of things to do–go local, support local, get away from guys like this Boss Hog, who destroys our health and the health of our environment and then starts the same hog shit over in unsuspecting Poland.

    That is my answer my friends, avoid and reduce, and refuse to be a passive victim or play their games…and any politician at any level who does, we all work to get the word and the vote out, to push them out of office. These are people who are refusing to be good citizens or good neighbors, who refuse to bend to logic or even laws, who listen to only one thing–money. So, why in the world would we give them any…it makes us enablers in our own demise.

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